What is Supplier Integration?

We here at Seturbiz.com have created an online platform where a number of different suppliers can display and sell their products directly to their customer base. Supplier integration refers to the combining of resources and capabilities on one platform. When booking with many different companies, very often different accounts need to be developed and updated creating a confusing network of duplicated information. Supplier integration refers to the process of integrating and securing all suppliers into one account, ensuring that booking and organising accounts is easy. Working with us not only ensures that your own network is integrated but it also means that you have access to our widespread supplier network.

Widespread Domestic International Suppliers Network

Benefits of Widespread Domestic and International Supplier Network

Having a global network of suppliers ensures that we have a high purchasing power, meaning that we receive the best prices for flights, accommodation, car rentals and transfers and even have the best rates secured for our companies to host events! With a global network of suppliers all available on one integrated system, making bookings for corporate events, flights and hotels are more affordable when booked through our platform. With online reporting keeping track of your savings opportunities and the different travel programs available, you can be sure that your savings are being noted!

Within our widespread supplier network, there are many experienced and professional companies that offer their services to our client base. With over 300 000 international hotels and 2500 domestic ones, our hotel base alone is one of the most extensive in the world. With an in-depth knowledge of company travel procedures and with over 15 years of corporate travel experience, trust our widespread supplier network to be your corporate travel planners.

Our team of experts will support you in both your business travels and corporate as well as help you to hold customer events. With over 15 years of experience and a number of well-known and developed partners within our network, we have the type of professional approach to service that every company needs.

When booking with us, all your bookings, payments and accounts are integrated into one easy to navigate and interpret system. Along with providing an integrated network, we are also able to offer each company unique integrated solutions to their special needs and requirements.

There are a host of different benefits of having access to a widespread domestic and international supplier network! From exclusive rates that are defined by our growing purchasing power to having the opportunity to choose between some of the best hotels, airlines and car rentals in the world, having access to a widespread domestic and international network supplier is the best way for corporations to secure their travel! With 24/7 professional support and hundreds of well-known partners to choose from, trust us and our supplier network to provide you with the best hotels, flights, rentals and prices.

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