Having a corporate travel consultancy that can also control and adapt your reporting systems will go a long way in streamlining your business and improving the effectiveness of your travel logs. Here at seturbiz.com, we have worked extremely hard to create an online reporting system that can be structured to fit in with your business and company travel procedures.

We have created an easy user interface that allows for information to be individually tracked, be it from person to person or even across entire departments. With the ability to find this individualized information easily, costs can be tracked according to both individuals and departments.

What are the Advantages of Online Reporting to Corporate Firms?

There are many different advantages of online reporting and this tool is one that has helped the accounting, HR and many other departments in many different companies to track the travels of their employees. The following are some of the advantages to note of online reporting and how it has helped corporate firms.

Online Reporting

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The reports that are created when bookings are finalized and secured are incredibly detailed, ensuring that all relevant information is reflected in each report. Aspects such as the cost center and the department are each displayed, making it much easier to deduce who was traveling where and for what reasons.

With an online reporting tool, access to travel schedules, plans and budgets are no longer a hassle to find and locate. With the online reporting tool, employees and employers are able to monitor how many fares are currently booked and how many have been scheduled for the upcoming month.

By having total access to travel expenditure and being able to recall this data 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our companies are able to take control of their budgets and monitor expenditure in real-time.

The online reporting tool allows for companies to plan out their travel and budget requirements by booking and securing travel plans earlier, saving time and money.

With instant and real-time reporting, businesses can take control of their current travel expenses by having access to this data 24/7. This is highly beneficial in maintaining travel budgets and ensures that financial limits are not reached.

Budget planning management

While preparing the travel plans and budgets for the next period, businesses are able to act by knowing the opportunities, saving both time and money. With easy access to travel plans and expenses, budget planning management is easier to monitor and adjust when necessary.

Customizable detailed reporting

With the addition of customizable detailed reporting, online reporting tools are able to provide a user-based reflection of information on reservations and in invoices.

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