What is SeturMice?

SeturMice is an established faction of our Seturbiz.com platform that offers companies a solution to the planning of meetings/ organisation, launches and ceremonies. SeturMice aims to create unique experiences that match and build on the ideas and concepts of our customers, creating a confluence of ideas that have outstanding results.

With an assortment of different meeting/ organisation services offered, our SeturMice platform offers the perfect solution to planning and organising different events, from celebrations to press conferences.

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What Does SeturMice Offer You?

Whether you are having a general meeting with your employees or a large one with clients, organising meetings is an extremely important aspect in ensuring that your company puts its best foot forward.

Having good relationships with your dealers and supporting companies is an extremely important aspect in any company. Dealer meetings that are planned by us are organised with the intent to create good and lasting relationships between companies and the dealers that they work with.

Keeping employees happy is an integral part in ensuring the success of a company. The motivational programs that are offered by us here SeturMice offer employees the chance to experience amazing and unique adventures, either within the country or abroad.

Introducing a new product to the market is an extremely important event, perhaps just as important as the creation of it! Our SeturMice platform offers unique and tailor-made ideas that are specifically suited to product launches!

Here at SeturMice, we have over 50 years of experience in meeting/ organisation and in hosting national and international congresses. With many factors, such as lighting, staging and technical support to consider, it is extremely important to trust planning an event of this magnitude to an experienced team such as our own.

Promotional support is an extremely important aspect of business as this offers an easy way to promote clients, ideas and products. Our SeturMice platform has access to a wide range of contacts and has the ability to plan and organise press functions and meetings.

How Can You Benefit from SeturMice for Meeting and Organisation Services?

We here at SeturMice uniquely design and interpret your vision to produce high-end and high-quality results. For more information on how our SeturMice platform can benefit you and the meeting/ organisation aspects of your business, contact us at info@seturbiz.com.

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