What are the Corporate Car Rental Terms?

The first step in securing a car rental is that your company has to have an agreement with us so that the desired vehicle can then be selected on the online panel. The vehicle that you have chosen will be confirmed if there is availability in the car that you have selected and within the region you are picking it up. Throughout the process, a limit approval will be set according to the budget requirements of each company to ensure that expenditure remains at a certain amount.

Corporate Car Rental Transfer Service

Reasons to Rent a Corporate Car from seturbiz

With names such as Avis, Budget and Europcar as part of our network of global partners, no matter what type of car you are searching for, we will be able to secure it for the number of days it may be needed for.

Along with supplying cars and services from only the best car rental companies, we have features such as travel safety and risk management that ensure you and your employees remain safe on your journey.

For special corporate car rental and transfers, we have a wide variety of unique services that can be planned in advance.

Corporate car rental rates are offered at exclusive prices to our users! Thanks to the assortment of global partners we have secured through our network, the prices of both car rentals and transfer services are incredibly competitive when booked on the panel.

Many corporate travellers are not comfortable with driving in foreign countries or they simply do not have the time and would prefer to spend the available driving time working and preparing for meetings. Private driver support is thus a unique feature that is offered by seturbiz.com and can be included in your corporate travels to provide a safe and efficient way to travel.

What are the Advantages of Corporate Car Rental?

From those who are travelling overseas to a different country to people who are simply travelling to a different city, car rentals and transfer services are necessary for ensuring that corporate travel is smooth and timely. The following are just a few of the advantages of corporate car rental.

An important factor to consider is the ease and efficiency of the car rental service, as waiting in line for hours is not an option for companies who have secured important meetings and need to be on time.

Along with access to some of the best car rental services in the world, companies also have access to features such as corporate travel consultancy and management which can save both time and money while increasing the efficiency of your employees!

What are Transfer Services? What Do They Cover?

The main reason why corporate travellers secure and book a transfer service is to get to and from the airport. This type of airport transfer service is incredibly important for corporate travellers as running on schedule is pertinent to get as much done as possible. Getting from your hotel to the airport on time is also extremely important as this ensures that neither you nor your employees will miss their flights.

Another way that transfer services can be used is by travelling to meetings and different functions. Booking transfer services may offer a less time-consuming option as opposed to driving yourself, as having your own driver would allow for you to work while travelling, saving you time and ensuring that you are prepared for the next meeting or event. For more information and access to corporate car rental and transfer services, contact us at info@seturbiz.com.com.

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