What is Visa Consultancy?

Aspects of travel can often be fraught with confusion when it comes to the different rules and regulations with regards to the Visas needed by different countries. To ensure that you have every travel document needed, our team of 24/7 professional support staff are there to help with visa consultancy and travel documentation. This service ensures that obtaining and applying for visas is an easy and quick process.

Does SeturBiz Offer Visa Consultancy to Corporate Firms?

Yes, we do offer visa consultancy support to corporate firms that are in need of visa assistance. Our team of professionals will be able to determine your needs and requirements by looking at the visa procedures of the country you are visiting and your hotel reservations. Users are able to make a visa consultancy appointment by contacting us via email.

Corporate Visa Consultancy

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We have a team of professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your corporate flight tickets, hotel reservation and visas are secured and sorted before you depart. With our visa consultancy service, the necessary documents and criteria that are set up for each country you are travelling to will be provided quickly.

It is important to monitor and track your visa once the application has been sent to the embassy. For any issues that may arise with your application, we offer support staff to help you correct any mistakes or deal with any problems in the application process. This is done swiftly to ensure that your visa is processed and secured as quickly and as easily as possible.

An aspect of international travel that has become such a necessity is travel insurance. This service protects you from financial and health risks that are associated with flying overseas, and it is a unique way to protect both you and your employees when planning corporate travel.

What is Included in Visa Counseling Service?

We offer an array of unique visa counselling services to ensure that the visa application process is both easy and successful. The following are just a few of the features that are included within this service.

What to Do in Case of Rejection of a Visa?

Even when processes are carried out correctly, countries still have the right to reject a visa application. A rejection may be because of inconsistencies in your application such as doubts about your flights and return plans, incomplete accommodation forms or even just a simple mistake in your application. Visa rejections can however be appealed and petitions can be made to ensure that your visa is approved. If you have been acting without the help of a visa consultancy agency thus far, it may be in your best interest to get the help of professionals. Our team of visa experts can help to overturn the rejected visa and figure out the issue with your application. For any information with regards to our visa consultancy services, be sure to contact us at info@seturbiz.com.

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