What are the Services Offered in Overseas Education Consultancy?

Sending employees on overseas corporate education tours can be an amazing way to help them improve their language skills, business skills and can also help to immerse them in a new and interesting culture! Our SeturAcademia platform helps to organise these trips and the services offered include helping to plan which type of school would be better suited, the flights, hotels and visa arrangements!

Our SeturAcademia platform offers help with organising these trips and has three main components and steps. The first step is to decide which type of school you would like your employees to attend. We have a wide range of schools to choose from that each has different benefits and focuses! The next step is deciding on the content you would want as the school options are packaged according to specific terms and content. This stage is incredibly important and the option chosen should be considered carefully according to what you want out of the educational tours! The final stage is deciding on which of the countries you would like your educational tours to take place in as we offer a wide variety and have different locations all over the world to choose from.

Corporate Overseas Education Consultancy

There are many different things to consider when sending employees to new countries for educational purposes. Language exchange is an important aspect of your employees being able to immerse themselves in a new country and culture, it is however vital to consider the language barriers that you or your employees might face.

Before the trip even starts, it is important to consider aspects such as visas, flights and accommodation for the entirety of the trip. With many different countries requiring many different visas for lengthened stays, it is best to be prepared! As part of our overseas education consultancy, our SeturAcademia platform has an exclusive visa consultancy agency to help you and your company with any and all visa requirements, questions and issues!

This is an online platform that offers information with regard to overseas educational consultancy. Aspects such as corporate overseas hotel reservation and corporate flight tickets will need to be handled accordingly and any visa requirements will have to be applied for. We are here to help with every aspect of the corporate overseas education process and our team of dedicated support staff is available to help 24/7 throughout the planning, duration and end of the trip.

What Does Overseas Education Consultancy Cover?

Our education platform offers an overseas education consultancy service that includes visa consultancy preparations and organisation, booking of flight tickets and can help to organise any of the accommodation requirements that would need to be secured for the duration of the trip. With a number of different locations, schools, types of educational tours offered and 27 years of experience in overseas education consultancy,we are ready to help align your education goals and make them a reality.

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