For companies who are looking to do most of their travelling by train, we have a number of different train ticket booking alternatives to ensure that each and every one of our clients has a suitable option for their travels. After logging onto the panel and selecting the ‘Train' option, users will find a number of different choices that they need to make to secure their train ticket. The following are a few advantages of booking train tickets through our platform

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  • We offer travellers the chance to book flexible tickets. These types of tickets may cost a bit more but they offer travellers different times and trains to take, ensuring that if a traveller had a tight schedule, they would not need to worry about missing their train.
  • Another feature that we offer is the opportunity to choose the class in your booking. The four different options are; economy, dining economy, business, business plus (dining). With the above train ticket alternative, we have ensured that each and every corporate traveller has a suitable option for their travels.

When purchasing train tickets through our platform, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible price! Along with high purchasing power reducing the prices of tickets, thanks to price policies that are specified by you and your company, transfer services and train ticket prices are not hiked up in busy periods, such as over holidays.

Yes, we do offer our users the chance to book high-speed train tickets! For your employees who are needing to make a meeting or flight connection in a limited amount of time, a high-speed train may be the best solution to ensure they make it to where they need to be on time.

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When travelling with us, companies can be sure that they are getting the best services for the most cost-effective price! With the corporate travel consultancy and management, companies are able to secure and buy train tickets online, providing an easier and more effective way to travel! Not only does this make the lives of your employees easier, this online booking system is also extremely beneficial for accounting departments as the invoices and payment confirmations can all be found in one place.

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