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Aim of the Website
This Website, being presented for you to solely gather travel information and make reservations, has been prepared so that you may accept all terms, conditions and announcements (altogether “Contract”) that are mentioned below, without changing them. By using this Website by some means or other, you will be considered to have accepted to be observant in accordance with the rules of this Contract.
Our right to make any change in the Contract without prior notice is reserved. As you continue to access this Website or carry on using it, you will have accepted the amended or updated Contract.

Use of the Website
By using this Website you acknowledge and undertake that;
a- You are at least 18 years old,
b-You will use this Website to make actual reservations merely for yourself or for others on behalf of whom you have the authority to act,
c-You will inform those people on the terms and conditions prevailing upon the reservations which you make on their behalf as well as all valid rules and boundaries,
d-You will not make any speculative, false or fake reservations at all, 
e-The entire information which has been asked from you by this Website and which you have given is accurate, up-to-date and complete, 
f-You will not use this Website or contents of such for any commercial purposes whatsoever,
g-You will not access, track or copy any information on the Website or the content of the Website with a robot, spider, scraper or any other tool for any purpose without our explicit permission in writing, 
h- You will not integrate any part of the Website with any other website by means of a “frame”, “mirror” or any other tool without taking our permission in writing beforehand,
ı-We have the right – based on our own discretion - to restrict any person, any time, for any reason, which also involves the violation of this Contract,  from accessing this Website and the services we offer.  

Information Update
You will always have the chance to review and update the information you have given us. You may also demand that your personal data would be deleted from Seturbiz.com database by sending a message to the same e-mail address.

You will receive a confirmation message comprising all information relating to your reservation after you make your reservation.

Prohibited Activities
Proprietary rights of the content of this Website and the information available on this Website as well as the substructure used to present this content and information belong to us or our suppliers and our service providers.

Rules that Suppliers Must Observe
Supplemental terms and conditions shall apply as you book and purchase the products and services relating to the travel option you choose. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Rate of the product that you pick to purchase needs to be paid. You are deemed to have accepted to observe the codes regarding the use of the products or services you choose as well as all purchasing terms and conditions.
Codes of the product sale agreement shall prevail for the products you will purchase from this Website.
Product prices and codes for overseas hotel reservations are put forward by IAN.COM, L.P whereas Product prices and codes for Flight Tickets are put forward by Amadeus NMC.

Our Suppliers offering their products on this Website have the right to change the rates provided there is a change in tax basis, state taxes or fees which are in operation and in case there is a change in worker or service liabilities or fees which are also in operation.

Evaluations and emission of comments
By submitting content to this Website through these Writings placed on the Website comprising hotel evaluations, your comments, questions, recommendations and ideas, or by any other means - by using media to be developed in future - you are giving a non-exclusive right, which does not comprise royalty and is free of any other fees and rates whatsoever, is permanent, transferable and completely sub-licensable, to Setur and its subsidiaries, irrevocably and without putting any limitation on the form, content and space for Setur to have the above mentioned Writings  used, duplicated, modified, adapted, translated, distributed, emitted worldwide and to obtain other work from such and present them to the public as well as use the name you have submitted in association with the said Writings and utilize the user data for marketing and/or commercial purposes.  

You are accepting that Setur may refer to your comments and evaluations with Setur being the holder of discretionary power. Furthermore, you are giving a right to Setur by subjecting persons or corporations - that encroach your or Setur’s rights on the Writings by way of breaching this Contract – to prosecution before the laws.  You are also admitting and acknowledging that the Writings are not qualified as confidential or registered.

Setur does not assume any financial or another kind of responsibility concerning losses and damages that a Content placed, saved or uploaded by yourself or a third party or that such parties may sustain and Setur shall have no obligation due to faults, insults, aspersions, slanders, negligence, counterfeiting, obscenity, pornography or profanity that  you may encounter. As an interactive service provider, Setur has no liability stemming from the declarations, statements or Content that its users have submitted in any forum, personal home page or any other Interactive Space. Though  Setur has no liability to scan, revise or monitor the Content which has been announced or distributed through the Interactive Space, Setur reserves its right to not emit, remove, scan or revise a Content - placed on the Website or  saved in the Website - at any time and for any reason whatsoever and has an absolute discretionary power in this respect and with all costs being totally at your own expense, taking the back-up copies of or replacing a Content which is placed on the Website or saved in the Website will be completely under your responsibility.

In case it is determined that you have incorporeal rights (including citation or integrity rights) on the Content, with the present Contract, you state that (a) you do not necessitate the utilization of an individually identifiable information which is related to the Content or derivative studies or refinements or updates of the Content; (b) you have no objection to the emission, use, modification, deletion and making use of the Content by Setur or its licensees, successors and assignees; (c)  you permanently waive all incorporeal rights that an author has on the Content and accept that you shall not claim for damage or rights and (d) you permanently discharge Setur, its licensees, successors and assignees from the damage claims that you may impose in other ways due to the mentioned incorporeal rights.

Use of Interactive Spaces or other parts of the Website in such a way that the above mentioned provisions are violated constitutes a breach of the Conditions of this Website and besides other matters it may end up with the termination or suspension of your rights to use Interactive Spaces and/or the Website. Setur may access information and disclose such - which include but are not limited to user profile data (name, electronic mail address, etc), IP addressing and traffic information, usage background and the announced Content – that it considers as necessary or suitable in order to enter in a cooperation in terms of legitimate official claims, subpoenas or verdicts, to protect Setur’s systems and its clients or maintain the operation of Setur as well as reliability and activity of its systems. Setur’s right to disclose the said information shall have priority based on the conditions covered by the Privacy Policy of Setur. Customers accept that they are authorized to cancel their memberships any time provided their entire rights on the use of the Website that arise in the course of their memberships are  conserved by Setur.

There may be inconsistencies or faults in some matters including the information, software, products and services as well as prices that are emitted on this Website. Particularly, co-branded and/or associated website business partners that promote travel products and services do not guarantee accuracy of the information and definitions given by suppliers and business partners for the products offered on this Website and decline the responsibility originating from all errors and inconsistencies relating to such (price, photographs, overall product definitions, etc). In addition, we have the right to correct all price mistakes and/or unconfirmed reservations which are made based on a wrong rate.  In such a case, you will have the opportunity to have your unconfirmed reservations made with the correct rate or your reservation shall be cancelled without being fined.Our suppliers and business partners have the right to further and/or make changes on all kinds of information regarding the product they want, on this Website.

This Website may contain links to websites operated by other parties. Such links are added solely to provide information to you. These websites are not under our control and we cannot be held responsible for contents, privacy or other applications of these websites or faults and harmful structures included in such websites. 

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